5 thoughts on “Autistic Internet

  1. I am a parent of a child on the spectrum. I will occasionally look to other sites online to find answers or possible explanations for my son’s behavior. Sometimes it is just interesting to ‘see into’ the thought processes of people who might be labeled ‘higher functioning’ than my son is currently designated. The ‘WHY’ of autistic traits and incomprehensible meltdowns is a driving force for seeking out anyone who might have a clue. I’m grateful for what anyone is willing to share, so that I might catch a glimpse of what goes on behind the ‘autistic’ curtain. (If any of my labored analogies or references offends, I apologize. I try, but sometimes I miss the boat on social cues and what is the preferred terminology. I am NOT considered on the spectrum at all…just sometimes, naturally awkward.)

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    1. I read a lot of blogs trying to understand things from my past and present behavior too, it is all so new, after 66+ years of not knowing and set in my way. My idea for blogs is to take what information you find useful and leave the rest. It is a huge world and autism traits are definitely not “one size fits all” best wishes to you and your son as you explore his world together. ❤

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