Next Phase in Searching for a Diagnosis

It took some time to recover from the shock of the first encounter with the neuro psychologist who claimed to have experience with autism (or his office did).

I decided to go back once more to the Autism Society of Michigan (not an insurance sales unit but the heart and soul of autistic persons united to help other autistic folks. ) There in the group was a woman who had been diagnosed as autistic as a young adult.

She shared the name of her psychologist and I felt encouraged when I did a little internet search and found reviews from current and former clients who appreciated his understanding of autism and who were pleased with his help in their situations.

I emailed his office expressing a desire to set up an appointment with him, and was told that the Dr would contact me soon.

NOTE: This was the step I left out in setting my first appointment… I did not actually talk to the Doctor himself! I point this out specifically so that you can benefit from my experience. I might have caught the lack of interest or expertise of the first doctor, and understood that his first interest was not the client.

If a Doctor will not consent to a pre- interview or a phone consultation, I will now and forever read that as a warning. Patient/Client and how best to serve is not a priority.

When the doctor called it seemed that he understood me and that I could understand him without struggle, even though phone conversations make me fret.

We set up an initial meeting, deciding from the call that he might be able to help me, and had enough interest in my challenge of being so old and thinking i must be autistic, to go ahead and try to find out.

The appointment was set for only a week later! more soon.

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