3 thoughts on “Autism Confusion

  1. If we autists were more in number—like maybe 50% of the population—we would not feel so isolated and odd. I understand what you mean about feeling like a social failure…and being a misunderstood child. I lived that, also.
    I have done so much second guessing about my interactions with people. I have tried to make friends with people at work only to have them avoid me afterward. It leaves one wondering…why did they suddenly turn their backs on me?
    I recall in grade school that one of my classmates was autistic ( this is back in the 1960’s…I am guessing he was autistic based on the poor kid’s behavior). He was mocked and humiliated by the teacher and some of the classmates. At least people are becoming more enlightened about autism in the 21st century.


  2. Yes, Debra – you’ve nailed it again. I’ve just returned from venturing into the world for a short time, and I’m now home again, completely exhausted and doing the ‘post mortem’ of how I may have offended, and how I could have been better. That endless spiraling video presentation! I’m off to bed…

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