Autism Diagnosis online?

Web-based health care raises interesting questions

With the advent of Covid -19 restrictions come new ideas for diagnosis and treatment of individuals.
Instead of going to the doctor, many are staying home in front of their computers and talking to their doctor or other health care individual using web-based technology.

This prevents potential exchange of germs/virus/disease through limited contact.
Insurance companies are beginning to approve these “meetings on line” as they would an “in person” consultation. There are loads of convenience factors and cost savings when this works well for both parties.

What about seeking diagnosis for autism on the internet using such services?

I have witnessed an increase of diagnostic services available along with “treatment” and other autism related “professional advice”, from people who claim expertise and who will give advice and diagnosis using web cams and internet messaging questions, or phone diagnosis.

This is very encouraging. Diagnosis may be available more easily without the wait and the stress of “in person” testing. How tempting !


Reminder here to be wary of those on the internet claiming to be professionals, and seek verification of qualifications carefully.

I just did a quick search and found many web sites claiming to have doctors available to diagnose and help at the touch of a button.

No locations were given for their services, no physical way to contact them and their names were hidden
Example: Dr J had a very earnest looking profile photo of a middle aged man in a white coat and descriptions about how he cared about his patients, how he was careful and thorough, etc, supposedly in his own words, were printed below his image as quotes.

The on line ” psychology clinic” I visited had several profiles of very caring looking individuals with similar descriptions of the comfort and insight they offered along with their diagnosis and treatments.
I could not find documentation for any address, location, registration of professional groups, or other information either on the website or in on line searches.
It all looked so professional and caring, without a whit of actual concrete information to back up their claims and the identities of any individuals related to the pages.
Even superficial investigation raised more questions than answers.

I have been approached through my blog, through interviews I have given to autism web sites and individuals, and through my public email address.
Somebody can help me!!! Always for a fee, always somebody who truly cares, always somebody with flashy web sites long on “sincerity” but short on true information about location, training of the providers, professional involvement, experience, etc.
If somebody approaches you offering to help, ask yourself “why”???

Informative videos on you tube and other web locations can be helpful, but look for full identity disclosure, including verifiable information such as address,phone number, business filing and standing with local authorities, documentation regarding education and practice, etc. before deciding to use this new tool.
Will your insurance pay for it?
Will your application for aid be taken seriously when you tell the Social Services person you got diagnosis through online websites from another country?

The idea of being diagnosed from the comfort of your own home is tempting.

Do your homework very thoroughly first!

Who benefits from giving you a diagnosis? How much of your hard earned cash will you have to cough up?

Will you give your credit card number and never hear from them again?

Will the diagnosis help you obtain disability or workplace accommodations or is it the equivalent of the “5-day degree on line from our intensive courses” .

Where were the diagnostic individuals trained, how long have they been practicing, what is the phone number and address of their place of business, look past the flashy website for actual information and use your research skills to follow up the claims and verify the statements made on that web site.

Is the individual known and active in their own community? Is the business registered in that country, state, city, and are all legal requirements for practice met?

The internet is a life and sanity saver for many of us, it will be with us for a long time in the future and practices will continue to grow and change as more and more business is accomplished at the touch of a button from home or office. The web is a great tool!

Unfortunately scams and fraud are always with us. Don’t be a victim! Check out claims of training, experience, degrees, associations, Schools, Clinics, and publications, etc. thoroughly before even thinking of proceeding.

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