4 thoughts on “Autism Social Skills

  1. What strikes me about this is wondering how your “successful” friendships got started and have endured over so many years. Is it to do with settings in which you are thrown together with others on a regular basis, such as classrooms and workplaces? Finding common ground if given enouth “forced” exposure to one another in those settings? Is it that these folks actually share some level of autistic traits even if undiagnosed and recognize similar perceptions? Something to ponder!! Love that it is being researched like this! Thanks for your post!!

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    1. all good things to consider, I have given it a great deal of thought. Shared interests seems to be a basis for relationship building in my experience. Its probably way more complex than that, right??


  2. When we got dairy goats and my son spent a long time with them as they started to respond to him, I watched. Unscripted, uncoached he started to communicate nonverbally, then verbally with individual goats. Now these were Saanen goats, about 120 lbs who head butted,bit, kicked and ran if they wanted to. Their negative communication was clear and swift but they also forgave or another gave him comfort. In his 10thyear he was interacting with humans a lot better. Could have been home schooling but really think it was the animals and now that he is 30 he has said he does see people as goats but actual goats are still better. Not sure if you can find some goats to hang with.

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    1. I worked with goats and kept them for many years, along with many other kinds of livestock. I definitely speak “critter” much better than I will ever speak “human”. Perhaps the use of words is what gets in the way. Nice to meet other goat folks.


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