2 thoughts on “Autistic Solitude

  1. The social world moves too fast for me also. Information overload happens very quickly, and I’m fortunate when I am able to just walk away. Too much talking within my earshot is like having drawers and drawers of stuff dumped onto the floor of my mind. The words come in and land in a heap, all cluttered and disorganized. Too much time being exposed to talking feels like the words are pushing their way into my bloodstream and filling up my whole body. It’s painfully uncomfortable. Can take many hours or days to recover. The recovery is some kind of automatic process that happens in its own time. I am not aware of what happens or how. I don’t even know or remember what I’ve heard. All I remember is the discomfort and pain of sensory overload. I’m certain that this is caused by my brain processing stuff much slower than the average person. I have even wished I could try being deaf for a few days to see if that would enable me to enjoy being around people. I do like people and I love to enjoy all the unique beauty that each person brings into my life, if only I didn’t have to hear so many words.

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  2. I crave quiet. I have to be alone after an outing or having someone over to visit .If I am denied this solitude I become mean.I need to reGroup I have to have the quiet to reset my brain .I’m overloaded .

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