Autism and Medication

What about drugs for Autism?

If you are over 65, you can probably remember when there were family doctors who made house calls. You are probably aware of many of the huge changes that have taken place in medical care from the beginnings of your childhood. We live in the age of medical miracles.

We have seen the development and benefitted from a life time of life saving drugs, vaccines, better nutrition, health care, and the development of better understanding of many rare developmental conditions, syndromes, mental illnesses, help with sanitation, childbirth, genetics, neurology, and so much more.

I would be dead at least 3 times over except for the miracles of modern medicine.

So it is a reasonable question to ask : “what about medication for autism”???

There is no medication that treats autism.

Autism is present at birth and is due to irregular development of the person’s neurology (the nervous system, which includes the brain)
We are individuals with differing development of neurology, and not one of us will have exactly the same struggles or trials, strengths or weaknesses.

Today those affected by autism directly (the autistic individual) or indirectly ( concerned caretakers, parents, family, friends, spouses, etc) can look to help from medication for some of the worst problems we may have.

Those who have health problems of any sort can ask for help and referral to specialists in almost any field of medicine.

New medications are being developed for those with emotional and behavioral struggles, with seizures, with heart, circulatory, gut and digestive problems, pain, structural and physical struggles with painful conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and many effects of syndromes and conditions such as Ehler Danlos or other genetic problems we may have been born with.

We can get help for lack of sleep , We can get help for gaining or losing weight and treatment for eating and digestive issues.

Although there is not a single available “autism drug”, the miracles of modern medicine are available to millions of individuals in the USA today. If you are among those millions with access to health care, please don’t simply say “I won’t take medication”. Not all medications are bad, many can be life saving and life changing.
Today there are many of us alive due to getting medical help for many, many (yes medical) conditions surrounding our autism. We can explore these options and with the help of a good doctor, explore our options for treating so many of the physical struggles that seem to go along with our autism.

As a sort of side note, the inspiration for this blog came from my recent experience with a new (to me) drug that was prescribed for my struggles with sleep. I have struggled with anxiety and depression all my life from age 8 onward. Sleep simply wouldn’t come, my anxiety has been so bad. I did not even recognize that anxiety was the basis for my sleeplessness.

Doctor tried several medications which I rejected for side effects such as painful cramps or dizzy spells which impaired my ability to do things while awake. Third try was an absolute miracle. I am finally sleeping 7 to 8 hours every night. I have no memory of how long it has been since this happened !

As a side effect, my life long anxiety and depression have abated and I realized only yesterday that I have finally found peace and for the first time in my life recognized a sense of actual well being . Amazing!!!!!!!
Truly, today’s medical prescriptive drugs can be miraculous !!!

When used carefully (responsibly following directions and wisely with the cooperation of a caring specialist), they can be aids to living a better and more productive, healthy life.

Certainly it is a choice available to many. Don’t rule medications/ drugs out of your life simply because you fear possible side effects. There are also life and sanity saving benefits to many medications available today.